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100-63-0,Phenylhydrazine, C6H8N2
Chemical Name:  Phenylhydrazine

Chemical Formula:  C6H8N2

CAS Number:  100-63-0

EC Number (EINECS):  202-873-5

Synonyms: Hydrazinobenzene;Monophenylhydrazine;Phenylhydrazine;Fenilidrazina;Fenylhydrazine;Phenylhydrazin;UN 2572;1-Phenylhydrazine

Appearance:  colourless to pale yellow liquid

Melting Point:  19 C

Boiling Point:  243 C

Vapor Density:  3.7

Vapor Pressure:  0.06 mm Hg at 52 C

Flash Point:  89 C (closed cup)

Explosion Limits:  1.1 % (lower)

Water Solubility:  moderate

Stability:  Stable, but may decompose in sunlight. May be air or light sensitive. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, metal oxides.

Molecular Weight:  108.1412

Alternate Names:  Phenylhydrazine | PHHYZ

Department:  Organics